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AFRIPOL – The African Union Mechanism for Police Cooperation

AMERIPOL The Police Community of the Americas

ASEANAPOL ASEAN Chiefs of Police

Axon – Axon Partners Group

CBMs – Confidence-building measures,

CBOs – Community-based Organizations

CCB – Commitment to cybersecurity capacity-building

CCDCOE – NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence

CERTs – Computer Emergency Response Teams

CIIs – Critical Information Infrastructures

CIRTs – Computer Incident Response Teams

CIs – Critical Infrastructures

CoE – Council of Europe

ComSec  – Commonwealth Secretariat

CRI – The Cyber Readiness Institute

CSIRTs – Computer Security Incident Response Teams

CTO – Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation

DCAF – Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance

DNS – Domain Name Service


ECOWAS – Economic Community of West African States

Europol  – European Police Office

FIRST – Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams

GCCPOL – Gulf Cooperation Council Police

GCSCC – Global Cyber Security Capacity Centre

GCSP – Geneva Centre for Security Policy

GFCE – The Global Forum on Cyber Expertise

GGE – UN Group of Governmental Experts

GLACY+ – Global Action on Cybercrime Extended

GPD – Global Partners Digital

ICT – Information & Communication Technology

INTERPOL – International Criminal Police Organization

ISACs – Information Sharing and Analysis Centers

ITU – International Telecommunication Union ITU

IXPs  – Internet Exchange Points

KPIs – Key Performance Indicators

NCS – National Cybersecurity Strategy

OAS – The Organization of American States

OEWG – UN Open-ended Working Group

OSCE – Organisation of Security and Cooperation in Europe

PIPS – Potomac Institute for Policy Studies

R&D – Research and Development

RCEP – Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership

SMEs – Small and Medium Enterprises

UNIDIR – United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research

UNOCT – United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism

UNU – United Nations University

USMCA  – United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement

WEF – The World Economic Forum

WIPO – World Intellectual Property Organization

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