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Having a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy (NCS) in place is becoming critical to a nation’s economic and social well-being. Policymakers are taking note of this – evidenced by the 17 countries in the Americas who have developed their NCSs, and others being in the process of developing or updating them. However, it has become evident that developing a strategic approach to addressing cyber threats is no easy task, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

GPD and the Organization of American State’s Inter-American Committee Against Terrorism (CICTE) Cybersecurity Program have jointly developed a document titled National Cybersecurity Strategies: Lessons Learned and Reflections from the Americas and Other Regions.

With this publication, we seek to address these challenges by offering information and resources to policymakers working on the development, implementation, and review of NCSs in the Americas. The document includes descriptions of different possible approaches and considerations, illustrated through examples from some OAS member states and other globally relevant resources, for developing an NCS and addressing cybersecurity threats. Furthermore, it features contributions by stakeholders who have shared their experiences working on NCSs, and offers analysis on key themes in NCSs in the region, drawing out commonalities and differences.

Download the report in English here.

Spanish version of the report coming soon.